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Ibis Cycles is a historic company. In the early years of mountain biking Scot Nicol started to weld high quality steel frames. Due to their supreme quality Ibis quickly became known. Today, the company has mainly uses carbon fibre, but still produces high end bikes with first class performance features.

"Today we exclusively use carbon and I would not hesitate to say: We are making the best bikes we have ever built."
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"Eins war uns immer wichtig: Wir bauten nur solche Bikes, die wir auch selbst gerne fahren wollten."


Many years ago, to 1981 to be exact, I built my first bike in a funky, small workshop in Mendocino, California. Someone came by, saw it and asked: "Can you build me one?"

I said yes. One thing led to another and a motley crew of people are found together in the following 30 years, who built some of the greatest and most innovative bikes under the name Ibis Cycles which have ever seen the planet. What began as a one-man-show, has developed into an internationally recognized company with many employees. We built road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes and tandems. We used titanium, aluminum, steel and carbon. Somehow we made a bit of everything, but one thing has always been important to us: We built only those bikes that we wanted to ride ourselves.

In 2002 a decisive and positive turn took place at Ibis Cycles. It began with a call from Hans Heim, a very experienced connoisseur of the industry, I knew Hans since the early days of Ibis. At that time he was still working for the chiefs of Specialized. After that he helped as a technician at Bontrager Cycles to roll the business and then was the driving force in setting up a small company called Santa Cruz Bicycles. In 2002 Hans and Rob Roskopp, his partner at Santa Cruz, decided to go separate ways. Hans was not the guy who would found his own bike brand and called me to inquire about Ibis. One thing led to another, and so Ibis Cycles came to a new partner.

Since that time our Velo Club consists of Hans and me. We added a couple of young people to keep us old guys fresh. Tom Morgan is also very experienced in the business. He knows how to fix things - which he has learned at Titec Cycles and Giant. The fourth member of the alliance brings aesthetics and reason to the company and reminds us to close the toilet lid. Her name is Roxy Lo. Her responsibility is to make things more beautiful, which also applies to the cult designs of our new frames.

Source: Ibis Cycles Website